Imperator is a board game of my design, that was created as a graduation work from my artistic high school. The game requires you to face off other players in a space strategy/empire simulator. Players colonize planets, build their fleet and upgrade the infrastructure in order to gain the ultimate advantage and become the strongest galactic emperor. The game was fully printed in two copies, but due to the extreme amount of content, I was unable to publish it, because the cost of printing would be extremely high. The game consists of almost 500 cards in different shapes and sizes as well as almost 2000 currency notes.
Players get to colonise planets takes straight from the NASA space map, meaning that each of the planets actually exists in our universe.
Each planet colonised can be equipped with multiple buildings, each of them boosting a different resource output or defense of the planet.
Players amass fleets of military ships divided into attacking and defending ships. They can be used to conquer other planets, create economic blockades or defending important trade routes.
The true technological progress comes from the experiment cards, with advanced infrastructure cards yielding higher resource outputs, or military ships able to destroy the entire fleets. 
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