I've cooperated with Dicksons of Inverness in creating a poster and a series of invitations for their Halloween party.
During the course on Inverness UHI, I was tasked with creating a series of paints for Winsor & Newton, each with it's own packaging, as well as one piece of packaging to hold them all. Being that I'm an artist, I knew exactly what kind of packaging would be perfect - a bag, that I had to create myself using some old linen bags I found. The paint label correspond to different emotions, for example red being anger, or purple being nostalgia.
I've worked with Inverness College UHI in creating icons for different departments available on the grounds of our institution. Inspired by Bauhaus and Russian constructivism, I created simple graphics with a strong colour filling the shapes. I've also managed to put that graphic on a t-shirt, with an idea that people can fulfil a role of an interactive map.
I took part in the competition hosted by the House of Illustration, UK. I was tasked with creating illustrations for the Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.
As part of my hobby I created multiple modifications for a video game called Stellaris. I collaborated with other artists and programmers to provide other players with new content.
The series of illustrations below is taken from a Don't Starve game modification made by me. Along with a programmer, we've managed to create a series of mini-expansions that were the most popular expansions for that game available on the internet, with almost half a million total downloads.
During the course of the Web Design unit, I was tasked with creating a working website for the Inverness College. The website created in Adobe Muse, was a fluid design, working on not only desktop computers, but also mobile phones and tablets.
I have been working closely with a company called Passion4Fusion on their MoneyMatiX platform - and they've tasked me with creating a board game which would teach children about finances. I have prepared a simple game, with a gamestyle similar to the popular Candy Crush, in which kids try to align positive cards (holidays, new purchases) with employment and savings, to give them the knowledge they need on where do their parents get the money from.
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