Bounty Hunters: The board game is a work title for a board game of my creation called "10 billion credits, Dead or Alive". This game allows players to control a mercenary with a simple goal: to collect the bounty on another mercenary's head. Players can either help each other in achieving that goal, or try to hunt down the target by themselves.​​​​​​​
For the purpose of this project I've created 24 different character cards, each in a hexagonal card shape.
Over 50 different item cards were created in order to provide the players with much needed boost to the statistics, making their game much easier.
Players were tasked with completing simple missions on their way to the final target - the game features 24 different mission cards, each of them testing one of the four attributes: Condition, Firepower, Intelligence and Charisma.
The game board consists of 6 random punch outs, there for I created 12 different planets, each with different levels of difficulty.
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