My name is Oskar Potocki and I am a polish freelance graphic designer, born in the city of Gdynia in 1996. As I always aspired to be an artist, like most of the members of my family, I went to an artistic High School in my home town. It was that time that allowed me to realise that my real passion is visual communication and graphic design - especially board game and video game design. As my graduation work I've designed, created and printed a fully playable board game called "The Emperor". That very board game achieved the highest possible grade and was presented on multiple exhibitions across Poland, being one of the best in not only a "designer board game" category, but also the best graduation work of the year 2016.
After graduating the Visual Communication course I've decided to follow this path even further by enrolling on Visual Communication and Design course on the University of the Highlands and Islands in Inverness, Scotland. I have since then achieved Bachelor of Art status, and the course allowed me to work with variety of unique clients, from government institutions to private, small businesses.
In the meantime, I was working on multiple project on my own, including a very popular board game called Fallout: Adventures, which allowed me to pay tribute to my favourite video game franchise called "Fallout". This project achieved incredible popularity on both Facebook and Steam. Overall, almost a hundred thousand people had a chance to try this game and give me feedback.
Other projects I worked on are multiple game modifications and expansions for video games like Stellaris and Don't Starve, with all of them reaching top of the charts in popularity soon after release. This way I collaborated with multiple programmers who used my services as an artist. This way I learned a fair bit about coding myself. I have also worked on multiple board games by myself, but most of these projects are still on hold due to lack of resources to publish them.
I have been employed by Ludeon Studios to work on the new expansion for the game called RimWorld. This opportunity allowed me to apply my graphic design skills to create a best-selling product and obtain feedback from the vast community playing this game.
I am a creative individual with a great imagination and an ability to work as either part of a bigger team, a collaboration, or by myself. I hereby invite you to browse through my portfolio.
Oskar Potocki
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